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Permanent Identification

We strongly recommend microchip identification of all pets. Microchipping is a simple permanent means of identifying your pet. If your pet is lost or stolen and brought to a shelter, pound or veterinary hospital, he or she can be positively identified and safely returned to you. Even indoor pets are at risk of becoming lost.  Pets that travel with owners or stay with care-takers are also more likely to go missing.  A microchip is a safe and simple safety precaution to ensure your pet companion returns home.  We implant microchips with a syringe and needle in the subcutaneous tissue over the shoulder blades. Some pets experience discomfort at the injection site due to the insertion of the needle but most respond to the injection just like annual vaccinations, with minimal sensation.  By utilizing our Fear Free techniques, such as distraction, most pets are unaware of the procedure.  Puppies respond well when offered a tasty bowl of food! 
Microchips have been used over the course of many years without complications. Our hospital utilizes the Home Again Microchip but our scanners can read microchips from other manufacturers.

Our team members will provide you with all the information you need to register your pet.  

1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime infographic