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Reviews and Testimonials

"At Litchfield Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide exceptional client service and patient care.  We appreciate the trust you have put in us to care for your pet(s) and look forward to providing continued care. Thank you to all of our clients for taking the time to write an online review or testimonial for us."  

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    "I have been taking my pets to Litchfield Veterinary Hospital for years now and have enjoyed the best care for my animals provided by their kind, knowledgeable and caring staff of professionals. I wouldn't trust anyone else to care for our pets!" 

- Chrissy S.

 "Millie And The Vet" submitted by Barbara and Bernie H.

"In early Summer, we were visiting family in Southern Connecticut along with our 10 year old rescue dog, Millie.  After her morning walk, she began squinting and started snorting, hacking and sneezing rather dramatically.  having walked in unfamiliar territory, we thougth perhaps she had sniffed or ingested something toxic, so we took her to the local emergency veterinary clinic.  she sneezed out a stalk of grass weed and we were then advised that we might want to sedate her to explore if anyting else was damaged.  Past experiences with previous pets determined our judgement not to have her put under with a doctor we didn't know.  After our return, although still on the medicine from her emergency visit, Millie was still in some stress with bouts of sneezing.  We worries about her having a blockage or an upper respiratory infection and we immediately arranged an appointment with our doctor at Litchfield Veterinary Hospital.  The staff greeted Millie like a long-lost friend, as usual, and she happily lapped up the good cheer, attention and treats.  Dr. Laura Carey greeted us all in the waiting room.  With her soft, calm voice and demeanor, she reassured not only Millie, but us as well."  Photo and Read More........

    "When our previous veterinarian retired, we were panicking as to who we go to with our beloved Boston Terrier and Chiweenie. Panic no more! We feel so blessed to have our fur kids become patients of Dr. Carey. She is phenomenal as is the entire staff at Litchfield Veterinary Hospital! Our Boston who is 13 has had so many health issues over the course of her life. Within one month of transferring our dogs care to Dr. Carey, she diagnosed our Boston with Cushing's disease and an immediate treatment program has begun. We already notice an improvement in our senior dog. Thank you Dr. Carey and staff from the bottom of our hearts. See you soon!!"

- Cynthia J.

    "A week ago I lost one of my best friends Felix I miss him so much today when I got the mail I got a card from Dr Carey and the staff at Litchfield Veterinary Hospital. Anyone who dosent go to them is crazy they are the most caring people I have ever met. Thanks so much for making it easier on me and my family in this time of loss. I also bring my dog Bella here and they treat her as if she was one of their own !"

- Jeffery Z.

    "Not even sure where to begin, I brought our Rosie in and she was very very sick she wouldn't eat or drink. The Drs and the tech's to the front staff were amazing to her and us. Thank you guys so much for loving our Rosie like she was your own!!! And putting up with all my phone calls to you guys"

- Freda R.

      "Over the last 15+ years these wonderful folks have enriched our lives and the lives of our fuzz-babies. We've adopted 2 great cats from LVH and confidently kept them and our 3 chihuahuas and a chihoodle in their loving care.
Professionalism and extraordinary care have guided us through crises and laughter and heartbreak, always helping us to make informed decisions and treating us and our animals with the utmost respect and kindness."

- Emily M.

   "We wouldn't bring our dog anywhere else. The Vets are brilliant and kind to us and our dog.  The staff is great, and all very professional."

- Anne Marie B.

   "Dr. Carey & the girls up front are FAB!!!! Rufus was such a good boy!!!"

- Kim Z.

 "We love Litchfield Veterinary Hospital. Everyone on staff is so knowledgeable and professional, and they take excellent care of our dogs and the humans who come with them. It is gratifying and reassuring to work with each person there--they love and enjoy their patients! Our dogs are always welcomed with warmth and understanding, and receive expert examination, diagnosis, and any needed treatment. We especilally appreciate the conscientious investigation of best care when two of our dogs have had serious illness. We are so confident that our dogs receive best attention and care, at the reception desk, in the examining room, in surgery, and followup phone calls. Dr. Carey always clearly and care-fully explains her findings and our dog's requirements. We recommend this pratice with full confidence in its excellence. It's a pleasure to be a client."

- Kate J.

 "I'm thrilled!!! My vet retired, and I'm so lucky that LVH is so close to my home! The facility is sparkling clean, and the entire staff is beyond awesome. Melanie held each of my cats during their exams, and talked so sweetly to calm them...even kissed them on their heads! Dr Ammirata was very thorough, and so gentle with them, noting areas of concern, with explanations that were easy to understand. Melanie even helped by taking one of my cat carriers out to the car. I share the feeling that the other reviews stated: they loved my cats like they were their own!!!"

- Ginger D.

 "My husband and I were recently faced with a very difficult decision. Our beloved Doberman, Jack, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his left leg. We were given very helpful information, by Dr. Carey, to aid us in our decision. We ultimately decided to amputate his leg because he was an otherwise healthy dog who at that time showed no signs of metastasis. His surgery was performed by Dr Ammirata who asked the other doctor on duty to take over her other cases so she could give Jack the time she and he needed to perform the surgery to the best of her ability. Many of the Tech's and assistants played a vital role in the surgery and care directly before and after the procedure. I am sure his best buddy Mary Ellen wasn't far from his side that day. He has been home for 1 week and is recovering beautifully. At his post operative check both Dr Carey and Dr Ammirata took the time to evaluate his recovery. This process has been a difficult one that has been made so much better by the wonderful people who supported Jack and Ken and I through this process. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped Jack through his difficult illness."

-Julia H.

 "The girls had their nails done for the New Year celebration and all went splendidly. Now they'll be able to dance all night long."

-Jackie H.

 "In the past few months, three of our four pets have visited Litchfield Vet Hospital for anything from vaccines, to surgery, to medical boarding. Dr. Ammirata, Dr. Carey, and their staff have been nothing but kind, patient, and gentle with our animals. We are appreciative of the care they have provided for our beloved dogs and cats. They have a huge reception area with a separate area for cats. Their exam rooms are nice and clean. Very helpful and friendly front desk staff as well!"

- Chriztine M.

 "Visited the vet today. Had to put our Oliver down. He was a very cooool cat. He had great parents though so I'm not surprised. Chick aka Mike , Emma Baker, Rebecca Marie Baker & Kailey Stewart took great care of him. This was a tough evening and we're all still saddened at the loss of him but, I feel it is so important to thank, out loud, the care givers at Litchfield veterinary hospital. Heather assisted through the entire procedure and she gave the utmost comfort to both Oliver, me and, my kids. She spoke softly to him, handled him gently and her tears were a sign of the empathy she had for us. We were given as much time as needed prior to and following the procedure. Heather held Oliver, with my son, through the whole thing. We're thankful to Dr Rachel Ammirata to Amanda, Miranda and the entire staff whose names we did not get but, had kind words for all of us. A HUGE Thank you Litchfield Veterinary Hospital.
Lastly, I'm sorry Oliver. you are already missed. We will take good care of your little brother Richard, don't you worry."

- Colleen Henry B.

 "Hi, I never write reviews, but I MUST let everyone know how amazing Dr Carey and the staff at Litchfield Vet Hospital have been. I recently moved to Litchfield from NYC. My 6 year old dog Griffin (a Brussels Griffon) has had major respiratory issues for well over a year. I spent thousands in NYC at the so called "best" vets in the country. After all the money spent I was told that they could not understand what was happening with Griffin and they had no idea why she was still having breathing issues. They strongly encouraged me to a) get a $3000 MRI and b) immediately switch her to a diet that consisted of food I could only purchase through them. After much heartache I decided to get a second option. I brought my dog to LVH and Dr Carey did Xrays of her sinuses (never been done before) and sent a swab sample of her sinuses out to pathology (also, never done before). After about a week, Dr Carey called me and told me she had a plan. She said pathology discovered a severe sinus infection and she suggested I start Griffon on a long term antibiotic and inhaler regimen. After only a few weeks on the treatment recommended by Dr Carey, I had a new dog! Griffin's breathing issues started to clear up, she was running again and jumped up on my bed without help for the first time in a year! I CRIED!!!! Dr Carey quite literally saved Griffin's life. Before visiting Dr Carey my angel had no life. She was suffering for so long. I saw Dr Carey today and let her know I will never trust my dogs to another vet. She is so caring, smart and her consistent follow up is tremendously appreciated. I would recommend that anyone, who loves their animals as much as I do, take them to LVH. Thank you Dr Carey and LVH. You are the best!!! Griffin and Jesse thank you and send lots of kisses your way...xoxo

-Linda M.

 "I would not go anywhere else with my pets. Excellent care of my senior dog both before and after surgery. Kind, loving staff and Doctors. A wonderful place all around!"

-Melanie S.

 "One of my dogs had something wrong with his eyes so we came for a check up and medicine, they called back in a couple days to see how he was doing, they definitely care about the pets they see!"

- Amber G.

 "Always treated professionally. The facility is very clean and all of the staff are great!"

- Carol S.

 "I would not bring my Rottweilers to anyone else. Dr Carey is fantastic. She always has the best advice and answers to my questions. She has been with us from puppy to senior years. Dr Carey was amazing when my older dog had cancer, offering a choice of treatments and sincere compassion. Her staff are warm and friendly. They make you feel like family. Litchfield Veterinary is the best, no question."

-Diane B.

 "People at the office were very friendly and attentive, I will definitely make this our regular doctor."

- Melissa

 "I have been taking my pets to the Litchfield vet for 10 years and have never had a problem or regrets. My pets have always had the caring and respect that they deserve. The doctors take the time to make sure that your questions are answered concerning your pet's health, medication, or behavior. The office staff make calling to make an appointment, order medicine,etc helpful and pleasant. They even have a playroom for children to help make your pet visit easier for both you and your children."

- Dorothy B.

 "What a wonderful facility! The staff is always warm and friendly as well as competent and professional. They do follow up phone calls to check on your pet and always take the time to explain any concerns"

- Gail S. 

 "We love Litchfield Vet! We have been clients with our dogs for years, and we have every confidence that they're in the best care available. Dr. Carey always takes time to explain what's going on, and different care options, and our pups have had some complicated issues. We trust her 100%! The whole team takes time to get to know you and your animals, and they're always exceptionally courteous. We recently had our first appointment with Dr. Stuart, and she was fantastic as well. Overall, we've had years of top notch care, friendly faces, and never a bad experience! One of our dogs actually loves going to the vet. Great team, great care!"

- Kendra S.