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Client Handouts

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Below you will find a compilation of informational handouts for pet owners.  We hope you find the information helpful. Please remember the following is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered a means of diagnosing and/or treating your pet without consulting with your veterinarian first.  If you suspect your pet is in need of care, please seek medical attention prior to attempting to treat at home.





Ear Inflammation and Infection - Otitis Externa

Food Allergy in Dogs



Puppy Socialization

How To Win The Barking Dog Battle

Is My Dog Playing Or Fighting?


Dental Care

Your Dog's Mouth and Teeth



Why Your Dog Needs A Yearly Heartworm Test



Puppy Milestones




Claw Counseling

Living With A Clawed Cat  

It's Natural For Cats To Scratch


Dental Care

Your Cat's Mouth and Teeth

What's In Your Cat's Mouth

Tooth Resorption



When Your Cat Is Sick

Kitten Milestones





Choosing A Healthy Rabbit

Types of Play and Exercise for Rabbits

Pain in Rabbits




Food Allergy - Diet Trials



Understand Your Pet's Fears


Dental Care

Chew On This

Bad Breath (Halitosis) in Pets

Recognizing Dental Pain In Pets


Health and Wellness

CPR Infographic For Dogs and Cats


Parasites - Fleas/Ticks/Mites/Intestinal 

Flea Facts

Create A Tick Free Zone In Your Backyard  

Before You Remove That Tick


Pet Grief

Saying Goodbye To Your Pet - Helping Your Child Understand 


Poison Control/Toxins

Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous To Pets   


Weight Management

How To Tell If My Pet Is Overweight