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Litchfield Veterinary Hospital

289 Torrington Road
Litchfield, CT 06759


At Litchfield Veterinary Hospital, we care about pets and their people! 

We strive to meet your expectations.  You can help us continue our goal of exceptional care and service by completing this survey about your experience at Litchfield Veterinary Hospital.  
Take part in our team meetings by completing this survey, be assured that all responses will be discussed and acted upon.   We value our client/patient relationships and thank you for your time and input. 
Please choose all responses that apply

We love what we do, we want you to love it too! 

Client Survey Form

1. How were you referred to our office
Current Client
Drove By
Yellow Pages
Internet Search
Other (Please Specify Below)
Other - Please Specify

2. How would you rate our facility?
Neat and Clean
Child Friendly
Pet Friendly
3. Our Office Hours Are:
Should be open more
Should have later hours
4. Our Receptionists:
Smiled and greeted you
Were friendly and cheerful
Gave their undivided attention
Seemed indifferent
Were hospitable
5. Telephone Experience:
My call was answered promptly
I was placed on hold for too long
I was satisfied with the help I received
I was not satisfied with the help I received
If applicable, my call was returned in a timely manner
6. Please Rate Your Phone Conversation:
7. Our Technicians:
Greeted you warmly
Were gentle with your pet
Seemed proficient
Were knowledgable / informative
Were poor communicators
Introduced him/herself
8. Our Veterinarians:
Introduced him/herself with a warm greeting
Were gentle and caring towards my pet
Did not seem interested in what I had to say
Seemed in a hurry
Described the diagnosis and treatment options well
Left me confused on how to treat my pet
9. Overall, Our Healthcare Team Was:
Professional in manner and appearance
Acceptable in manner and appearance
Inferior in manner and appearance
Good at comforting me and my pet
Knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated
10. Was your waiting time reasonable?
11. Did You Understand Your Fees?
12. Was An Estimate Provided?
Additional Comments or Suggestions

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