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We are committed to providing Fear Free veterinary care
to ensure the well-being of our patients "

We are committed to providing Fear Free veterinary care to ensure the well-being of our patients

At Litchfield Veterinary Hospital, our team understands the importance of reducing stress and fear for both patients and their owners.  Our team of doctors, certified technicians and veterinary assistants have many years of experience, caring for and handling pets in a gentle and non-threatening manner. Dr. Laura Carey and Dr. Paige Trusock are Fear Free Certified Professionals, obtaining certification through a specialized program. The Fear Free approach is dedicated to enhancing the human-animal bond by reducing stress and anxiety associated with veterinary visits, which may affect pets and their owners.

Dr.Carey has worked with the entire Litchfield Veterinary Hospital team to incorporate Fear Free techniques in order to provide a more relaxing, stress free environment for your pet(s). Our team uses a considerate approach with each patient, ensuring their individualized needs are being met. Understanding our patient's perception, allows us to make changes to the environment and our actions to reduce stress.  Other techniques we utilize include calming voices and food rewards. Calming music, by Pet Acoustics, also creates a relaxing environment for both patients and owners.  Our hospital provides music in each of our exam rooms and treatment area.  Some pets experience anxiety before arriving to the office, our Fear Free approach provides options for early intervention, making the cat carrier or car ride less stressful. 

Every pet has unique needs, our team treats each patient individually.  What works for one pet, may not be the best solution for another.  As a partner in your pet's care, we work with you to determine the best approach for your pet's specific needs.

Our team is always ready with the treats too!  One way to reinforce that the veterinary hospital is a good place, is to provide food rewards or treats to pets, throughout their visit.

We understand that it can be difficult to bring your pet in if they are nervous or frightened, but the best way to care for your pet is to maintain their health through regular veterinary visits. Early detection of disease and preventative care will increase your pet's longevity and add to the bond you share.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your pet's visit, don't hesitate to speak with our team members.   


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