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"You were such a great companion, constant, loyal and true.  My heart will always wear, the pawprints left by you"

- Pawprints Left By You, author unknown

In Loving Memory

We invite you to share a special tribute celebrating the life of your beloved pet and the bond you shared.  Your heartfelt sentiments will honor your pet and we hope, ease the pain of their loss.





We will always remember the day Cody came into our lives.  It was a few days before Christmas and my husband and I were shopping when I noticed the North Shore Animal League adoption van.  I just wanted to look.  A few hours later we were driving home with our new 8 week old puppy!  He brought us so much joy and was full of love.  Our big dog took to him right away and they became the best of friends.  They were, along with our cats, our children before we had children.  As a veterinary technician I face death and pet loss almost daily and it's so difficult to see owners have to go through it.  We try to stay strong but it is hard and it never lessens the pain felt when we lose our own pets.  I never imagined Cody would only be with our family for 10 short years.  When he became ill I was devastated, it happened so fast and then the diagnosis of cancer came.  There was no life left in Cody, he was suffering and I saw it in his eyes.  By this time, Casey, our big dog had passed and now we had children.  The thought of telling them and having them say goodbye was heart wrenching.  Dr. Carey, Dr. Battista and the entire LVH team that I worked with daily now had to see me as a client.  Everybody was so wonderful, compassionate and caring.  Just as Cody was always by our side, we sat with him and held him until he passed away peacefully.  I will always be grateful for my co-workers and the doctors for all they did for me, my family and for Cody.   We will always remember you Cody and you will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Goodbye my friend.

-Pam G.




We were blessed to have Bruno for 7 short years.  Although it wasn't nearly enough time, he filled our days with so much love and laughter that we would do it all again if given the chance.  He grew up with my two young daughters and helped teach them what true unconditional love is. 

Bruno was diagnosed with lymphoma this past January and we made the decision to say goodbye. We will always carry Bruno in our hearts. He will forever be missed. 

-Carrie D.


Toby and Cassie

Toby and Cassie

"It came to me, that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them and every new dog that comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.  If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog and I will become as generous and loving as they are."

- anonymous

My beloved Toby and Cassie will always be close in my heart with the most wonderful memories they have left for me.  They are never gone and will walk by my side forever.  We are so lucky to have two, once in a lifetime dogs touch all of our hearts.

-Patty A.





In memory of Bear, the smartest, best German Shepherd dog we have ever had.  

Always in our hearts.




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