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February is National Pet Dental Month!  Did you know that by the age of 3, most pets are beginning to experience some form of dental disease? Oral health is important not only to ensure your pet's teeth and gums are healthy, but dental disease can lead to other health problems, making your pet ill.  Prevention and early intervention is the key to maintaining your pet's overall health.


To raise awareness about the importance of good oral health, Litchfield Veterinary Hospital is offering a Free Oral Health Assessment Exam for your pet(s) during the month of February!  Take advantage of this opportunity by scheduling an appointment with one of our team members to have your pet's oral health evaluated. Our team will make recommendations based on your pet's individual needs.  During the month of February, pets that undergo a dental procedure will receive a free gift to jump start their oral care routine.  Our canine patients  will receive a box of Oravet Chews to aid in the removal of plaque. Our feline patients  will receive a 4 pound bag of Hill's Prescription T/D, a diet specially formulated to remove plaque and prevent build up. 


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